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[Webinar] Architectural Design: Evolve your workflow with technology

Designing the architectural elements of your project is an intricate and crucial step to its success. It takes the right tools and effective collaboration between internal and external teams and consultants to ensure the design meets all requirements — client, budget, context, aesthetics, performance, building codes, and regulations — without running the risk of value engineering later in the design process.

This webinar will show you the tips and tricks you need to do all this and get your design across the finish line from concept to documentation.

-Capture your ideas fast in 3D, without compromising creativity
-Refine your design direction through iterative modeling
-Showcase your design to clients and stakeholders to get consensus

This webinar was presented by Architect & Principal Bob Pineo from Design Develop and Architect & in-house expert Aris Komninos from SketchUp.

Check out this nifty companion handout with tips, tricks, and links you'll find useful: https://blog.sketchup.com/pdf/sketchup-webinar-handout-evolve-your-architecture-workflow-with-technology